Guidelines for Mini-Symposia Organizers, Reviewers, and Contributors

General Information

Note that all the mini-symposia organizers, reviewers, and contributors need to register with conftool. This tool includes the abstract submission system and at a later stage the reviewing and registration platforms, which will be opened in line with the according deadlines.

Guidelines for MS Organizer

First of all, we would like to thank all mini-symposia organizers for their great proposals. We believe, we now have a highly interesting and diverse set of mini-symposia with topics reaching from Quantum CFD over AI for CFD to combustion. A full list of accepted mini-symposia is available here.

We recommend that all mini-symposia organizers already register with conftool. Per mini-symposium, we have created so called topics (for MS1 to MS9, and for contributions submitted to the category "other topics"). After registration, the mini-symposium organizers will be assigned their topics. The first authors of the mini-symposium proposals will be assigned the role of a Program Committee (PC) member, which allows to assign submissions to reviewers. In addition, all authors of the mini-symposia proposals will be assigned the role of a Reviewer (including the PC member). It is expected that a recommendation (including a ranking) on the papers is discussed among the members of the mini-symposium authors. Depending on the final number of submissions and the available time slots, the conference organizers will take this ranking in consideration for making the final decision for acceptance.

Guidelines for Reviewers

We would like to thank the reviewers in advance for their valuable time and for contributing with their reviews to a ParCFD 2024 conference with high-quality submissions and presentations.

We recommend that all reviewers (mini-symposia organizers) already register with conftool. According to the registered person an the respective mini-symposium, we will assign reviewers the role of a Reviewer. The respective PC member in conftool, who is the first author of a mini-symposium, will be able to assign submissions to the reviewers. A minimum of three reviews per contribution is expected. The reviewing procedure is double-blind and iterative for non-rejected submissions, i.e., in case a review leads to a minor or major revision recommendation, rebuttals and improvements can be requested by the reviewers. The review form requests a ranking and covers several standard questions to be addressed. A form for free-text comments allows the reviewers to ask detailed questions and provide feedback. The final decision for acceptance is taken by the conference organizers.

Guidelines for Contributors

Contributors should follow the instruction on the Call for Papers page for the submission of a 2-4 pages extended abstract. We guarantee a high-quality peer-review process (see above). Contributors are informed about their submission and they are able to update their abstracts any time until the paper submission deadline. After that, the review process starts and the contributors will be able to exhange with the reviewers. A rebuttal process will follow the minor and major revisions recommendations by the reviewers.

Last Modified: 11.04.2024